1561 Commits (develop)

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Thomas Basler aeb649b79b Hotfix: Keep buttons on foreground 2 months ago
TabascoEye e81790d74e Fix layout of video streams (thx @TabascoEye) 3 months ago
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 7ab3d827ba Re-enable noise supression 2 months ago
TabascoEye 03884eabca Disable automatic gain control on microphone 3 months ago
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 8b170e6944 characters, clothes and accessories from rc3 4 months ago
Piotr Dobrowolski 7d15bb21cd Cleanup Dockerfiles, fix front Docker image build 4 months ago
PizZaKatZe baebc33a66 Fix pointer events 2 months ago
Thomas Basler 15ad163da3 Bump Phaser version 2 months ago
Thomas Basler fa71e2b296 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into develop 2 months ago
Kharhamel 4b8a2aca34
Merge pull request #849 from thecodingmachine/unloadingFixes 2 months ago
kharhamel 3b6fe8da8d improved the back to better handle ghost connexions 2 months ago
Kharhamel 77c40985c4
Merge pull request #847 from thecodingmachine/unloadingFixes 2 months ago
David Négrier d269596702
Fixing Discord invite link 2 months ago
kharhamel 886daebfea improved the unloading process to not create a useless socket 2 months ago
David Négrier 30e12702eb
Merge pull request #838 from thecodingmachine/fixChromeResize 2 months ago
kharhamel 99e6743c01 FIX: resizing on wide screen on chrome now use the correct coordinates 2 months ago
Kharhamel dc1a5da175
Merge pull request #837 from thecodingmachine/fixCameraHelpPopup 2 months ago
Kharhamel 6f038001de
Merge pull request #836 from thecodingmachine/fixFullScreen 2 months ago
kharhamel 0b352fc5dc FIX: help camera settings popup now only show up once 2 months ago
kharhamel 43921e3fcc FIX: fixed a bug with fullscreen mode 2 months ago
Kharhamel 1d69af0664
Merge pull request #835 from thecodingmachine/warningMessage 2 months ago
kharhamel f90046459e FIX: fixed a error in the validation of receiveGlobalMessagePrompt in pusher/AdminController 2 months ago
Kharhamel ec2fa9501c
Merge pull request #813 from thecodingmachine/warningMessage 2 months ago
kharhamel 8d6c1a50bf FEATURE: warning message when world is near full capacity 2 months ago
Kharhamel 7765775df5
Merge pull request #825 from workadventure-xce/audio_player_improvements 2 months ago
Kharhamel 210daf46e3
Merge pull request #832 from thecodingmachine/master 2 months ago
David Négrier 979e43bb05
Merge pull request #830 from thecodingmachine/discordbadge 2 months ago
David Négrier 23c33b2971 Adding Discord badge to the README 2 months ago
PizZaKatZe 821f91e996 Finer steps for audio volume 3 months ago
PizZaKatZe 599fdd6ceb Fix group icons and audio attenuation 2 months ago
TabascoEye e6accd711d Store muted setting of audio player in local storage 4 months ago
PizZaKatZe 5bd6f49846 Fix (now legacy) 'playAudioLoop' property 2 months ago
PizZaKatZe fdbcd98a9a Implement audio volume and loop properties 2 months ago
PizZaKatZe 132c6c9ad6 Fix volume auto-reduction in conversations 2 months ago
PizZaKatZe 5a7e67f5df Reflect volume change in audio control 2 months ago
PizZaKatZe 20d3236e73 Fix audio control box appearance 2 months ago
David Négrier f9a2097bc9
Merge pull request #828 from thecodingmachine/develop 2 months ago
David Négrier 4966789b3b
Merge pull request #663 from shug0/patch-1 2 months ago
David Négrier ce0ede7613
Merge pull request #805 from thecodingmachine/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/front/elliptic-6.5.4 2 months ago
David Négrier 6bb757e8b5
Merge pull request #824 from workadventure-xce/fix/front-page-template 2 months ago
Kharhamel 04bd60ca26
Merge pull request #827 from workadventure-xce/fix/jitsi_integration 2 months ago
David Négrier 9da0acb0d7
Merge pull request #814 from Wikinaut/patch-1 2 months ago
David Négrier 96492e8594
Merge pull request #826 from workadventure-xce/fix/scrollbars 2 months ago
PizZaKatZe 318c63ab90 Fix Jitsi integration 2 months ago
PizZaKatZe 13fcda7bcf Remove scroll bars 2 months ago
PizZaKatZe c0bf5755ed front: Fix page template 3 months ago
PizZaKatZe 97ec721c2a front: Fix page template indentation 3 months ago
Kharhamel 519018f6c5
Merge pull request #764 from githubIsNotOpenSourceLOL/patch-1 2 months ago
David Négrier 4660b450c5
Merge pull request #700 from thecodingmachine/audioCameraPermission 2 months ago
GRL e50c8bc354 Suppression of *{...} in every HTML files because the style.ccs file already declare it. 2 months ago